My Life Story - Your Biography Written by a Professional

Why not leave your family a lasting legacy, a celebration of your life and times, to be handed down from generation to generation. Or perhaps you have a parent or grandparent for whom you would like to purchase the ultimate present - their life story beautifully captured in an elegant volume? Everyone has a story to tell and every life is interesting with unique thoughts, insights and memories to be shared.

A National Trust Survey has shown that 57 per cent of adults aged over 15 could not name any of their great-grandparents. In today's fast moving world things are quickly forgotten, but just imagine being able pull a book from your bookshelf and read about your great-grandparents, their thoughts and life experiences. Imagine reading to your children the intricate details and personal secrets of their predecessors. Better than any work of fiction, such personal records will enthral generations as they explore their heritage and stories of great grandparents they never knew.

We offer a biography service to help you create just such an amazing legacy. Whether you have already documented parts of your life to pass down to your children or whether we pick up the project from scratch, we have a system in place to ensure you achieve your aim painlessly and in a timely fashion. Using a series of interviews and gathering together your photographs and documents, our skilled biographer will put together the story of your life and create a lasting treasure.

The Biography Process

Preparing to write your biography is probably the most daunting and off-putting aspect of the whole project. No doubt you will have thought about documenting your life in one form or another on several occasions. Maybe you have said to an elderly relative “you should write all that down, it is really fascinating, it would make a great book!” – you’re not alone there, tens of thousands of us have said just that many a time – but still haven’t done it!

Taking those first steps is where Writing Ltd’s expertise comes into its own. We have designed a package including a work flow and have in place a detailed modus operandi to make writing your biography an enjoyable and effortless process. Here are just some of the wheels we will set in motion:

  • a pre-visit pack containing questionnaires and guidelines to help set up the process of gathering your material together ready for writing your biography
  • having begun to gather your content together you will be ready to book your preliminary meeting with your own personal editor
  • this meeting will explore the modus operandi and put in place a timetable taking into account the material you wish to include, the state of your proposed content and your own commitments
  • meetings which, for example, may take the form of a number of recorded interviews to gather together details and time lines from what is essentially “the story of your life”
  • after addressing any changes which are needed, your biography will be ready to be professionally typeset and prepared for the printing and binding process
  • Your book will be assigned and ISBN number and we will provide you with 25 copies of your book, as well as submitting it to the British library (it can be made available on sites like Amazon if you so choose)
If you would prefer your book to be a ghostwritten autobiography we can accomodate this. Sometimes family biographies are very private and personal and the sort of thing which you may want to keep confidential. Our editors are discreet, but to allay any fears you may have, both Writing Ltd and the editor assigned to your project will sign and be bound by a Confidentiality Agreement if required.

The Biography Cost & Schedule

As you might imagine there is significant time and skill requiring hundreds of hours of professional time involved in managing, executing and completing a project such as this. The fee, which is £10,000 for our standard complete package reflects this. The standard package contains everything required to provide you with all the services above and 10 sets of a beautifully finished printed and bound book. Additional options are available, such as leather binding, originating illustrations, indexing and the supply of additional printed copies, but these can be discussed during the preliminary meeting and quotations provided.

From start to finish the process usually takes about 9 months. Drawing up a timetable at an early stage will ensure that you are clear about how long each process will take. The number of interviews may vary, but generally will total between 3 and 4 days. Discounts can be offered if you have already completed your biographical memoires in typed format. However, if the standard package is commissioned, then stage payments throughout the process are required.

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What We Do Not Do

We do not market your book, nor can we assist with approaching a publisher with your book. While your life story may be of great interest to your friends and family, the autobiography market is notoriously difficult to break into unless you are very famous. This is a self-publishing service - albeit to the highest possible standards - sadly, your book will not make you rich or famous in the eyes of the world. To your family, however, you may become the unsung hero, the dazzling heroine, the great and the good (or the really naughty dark horse) – whoever you are it will be great to be remembered for generations to come!