Copy-Editing (Annotated)

The Annotated Copy Edit is one of our most popular services and has evolved over our thirteen years of working closely with authors.

The Annotated Copy Edit can be referred back to time and time again to address the skills needed to craft and enhance the creative content of an author's manuscript. The edits focus on clarity of language, fluidity of writing style to keep up pace and atmosphere, emotion, tone and tension.

Notes and comments are inserted in the appropriate places on the manuscript to capture the essence and reasoning behind the editors thinking and refer to some or all of the following:

  • Repetition of words or phrases
  • Pace and fluency
  • Lengthy, clunky or overwritten sentences and paragraphs
  • Emotion, tone, tension and atmosphere
  • Repetition of concepts
  • Natural and punchy dialogue
  • Awkward transitions
  • Clarity in direction and exposition
  • Consistency of voice and tone
  • Suitability of language for target reader
  • Structure of speech including breaks in thought and action
  • Introduction of new ideas and overall readability
  • Chapter titles, their impact and suitability/relevance
  • Passive voice, use of first person or third person and consistency
  • Lengthy narrative, exposition or backstory

We usually recommend this service before moving on to the Technical Copy Edit. The Annotated Copy Edit is particularly aimed at authors who have revised their own work and feel they have gone beyond the appraisal stage.

Annotated Copy-Editing Quote

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Copy-editing usually take 2-3 weeks (A premium 5 day service is available upon request).

PLEASE NOTE: Our copy-editing services are for manuscripts and books only, we do not provide a website copy-editing service.