Frequently asked Questions About Our Services and Website

What is covered in the report?

Each editorial service we offer is detailed on the Editorial Services page. Click on the heading for the service you require to read a full description. If you would like the editor to pay particular attention to a certain aspect of your writing, for example, fluency of your writing or credibility of characters and their dialogue, you can arrange this when you select the manuscript appraisal or copy editing service you select.

What format will the reports be in?

The format of each report is detailed on the relevant page together with an outline of the editorial service required. Your manuscript will be edited using tracked changes meaning that you will be able to make the final decision on each change. It will be returned to you by email.

How much will it cost for a report?

Please use the quote request form on the relevant page for the service you require.

How long do reports take?

This depends on the editorial service required although we aim to return work within 3-4 weeks. We agree dates between our editor and our authors prior to beginning work on your manuscript.

Can I get in touch with the editor once I have received my report back?

You can email us with queries and we will liaise between you and your editor. There is no charge for this follow up service.

Can I come back for a re-appraisal with the same editor?

You can certainly arrange a reappraisal of your manuscript with the same editor. However, there may be a little time delay if that editor is mid-project with another author.

Can I get a discount for a reappraisal?

We are always happy to offer a discount for repeat business for any of our editorial services.

How do I go ahead with a service?

We will provide you with a quotation by email. There will be full instructions and relevant links in the email to guide you through the manuscript submission guidelines and submission process.

Frequently asked Questions About Literary Agents, Publishers and the Industry relating to Literary Consultancies

I have been approached by a literary agent and they have asked me for a reading fee - is this normal?

You need to be careful when a literary agent asks you for a reading fee - you should always check with The Association of Authors Agents to make sure they are credible - no members of The AAA are allowed to charge reading fees. The website is: - here you will find a list of all agents who are members of The AAA and follow industry standard guidelines and practices.

A literary agent/publishing house has said that they will consider my work if I get a report from an outside source such as a literary consultancy - is this normal practice?

There are no guidelines about this and it may be that they would like an unbiased opinion on your work to help them to make a decision, or it may be that they think with a small amount of work your manuscript may be more suitable for their list. Do make sure it is a consultancy of your choosing and that it is your decision to take the outside feedback as you will be the one paying the money out. Once you have the feedback, you are then in a position to either submit the work back to them with the report, or, having gone back through your manuscript making the suggested changes from the report.