Do I Need a Manuscript Appraisal?

manuscript assessmentWe recommend the manuscript appraisal service for authors at the initial draft stage of their manuscript, or for those who have already submitted their manuscript to a literary agent but haven't yet had successful results. We always recommend that our authors have a manuscript assessment before taking up one of our editorial services such as copy-editing or proofreading.

The Manuscript Appraisal Process

Once we have had a look at your manuscript, we will send you details of the editor most suited to your work and give you a return date for the manuscript. Our professional editors will assess all aspects of your manuscript. In addition to the report, our editors will look at any areas that you have found to be a challenge whilst you have been writing your book, or any aspects of your novel writing that you would like guidance on. We will be happy to answer questions as you go through the reports in case there is anything you are unsure about or you have any further questions for the editors. We want you to get as much as you can out of these reports.

Manuscript Appraisal Reports

Our editors will produce a manuscript appraisal report of between 4,000 and 9,000 words (depending upon the length of the book and the amount of feedback needed). Our professional editors are experts on the writing process and specialise in providing feedback on the following topics:

  • The strength and impact of your opening chapters, the subsequent plot development and the conclusion
  • Key dramatic incidents including pace and dramatic climax
  • Action, tension and credibility and the forward momentum of the plot
  • Atmosphere and scene setting
  • Writing style including fluency, strength and tone of voice, progression of narrative and narrative viewpoints
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Handling of exposition and character backstory
  • Characterisation and the balance of dialogue and internal reflection
  • Conclusion, marketability and next steps

(For more details see a sample manuscript assessment)

The manuscript will be annotated with clear examples of references from the report and can be used over and over again in reference to all of your writing projects.

Once we have received your manuscript it will typically take our editors three to four weeks to read your manuscript and produce your manuscript assessment report (a premium 5 day service is available upon request).

"Following a number of rejections from agents and publishers I decided, after yet another re-write, to submit my work for professional assessment. I was attracted by the tone of the web page and decided to seek their opinion. On receiving an excellent report and line-by-line criticism of my work, I formed the impression that the editor knew my characters as well as, if not better, than myself, despite my much longer acquaintance with them."

by Clifford Peacock - Author of Crowning Deception and The Cruel Trade published by Robert Hale

Everyone needs an editor - even the most experienced, published writers should have their manuscript assessed by an impartial professional editor to ensure that their novel is on track.

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If you do submit an exceptional manuscript with a unique angle we may use our contacts at literary agents or publishers to put your work in front of the right people, however, we don't guarantee this.