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Michael Elias You Can Go Home Now

I wouldn't dream of considering my novel finished without first submitting it to writing.co.uk for an editorial consultation. Their notes and editorial suggestions were invaluable.

They simply made my book better.

Michael Elias, You Can Go Home Now - HarperCollins US

Hades Gate JS Maine

Working with Keirsten and her team has been a totally positive and helpful experience. Keirsten gave due consideration to the genre and nature of my work and suggested an editor for the appraisal who she felt would be especially suited. I took her advice and within a few weeks received a forensically detailed and constructive analysis of our 95,000 word project from an editor who clearly understood the material and suggested some superb tweaks and refinements.

The accumulated feedback, analysis and support has been far in excess of anything I'd expected and I now think of the Writing.co.uk appraisal, and their associated services, as an essential part of my ongoing and future projects.

J.D. Maine, Hades Gate - Indie Author

Summer at Bramblewood Farm Abby Broomfield

The search for a quality, well priced, experienced and trust worthy editor for your book is probably one of the hardest things you’ll undertake when writing. That’s why I was so happy to find Writing.co.uk. I used them years ago and then again for my most recent book. These are the only editors you will need as they offer a wide range of services. I have dabbled with others before and they just don’t come close to the quality you get from Writing.co.uk

My editor, Keirsten, was an absolute delight to work with and made the editing process something I looked forward to. Her work is the highest quality. I can’t wait to continue to use them in the future!

Andy Mack

The feedback is impressively detailed and really helpful. Lots to work on, but that is what I wanted. A really excellent job. Definitely a service I will use again.

Andy Mack, The Berlin Defence - Elk and Ruby


Writing.co.uk provided me with an excellent service for my debut book Heart Stone. They responded swiftly to my query with clear information regarding pricing and timing for my manuscript to be looked at. My editor, Jon Curzon, went through my work with a fine toothcomb pointing things out that I never would have considered as well as correcting my many school boy errors. He also came up with helpful suggestions on where I could improve the story and areas that required clarification. The friendly but professional manner of everyone at Writing.co.uk means that they will be my first choice for future books.

D. J. Edwards author of Heart Stone - Indie Author

L. E. Holmes The Ancestors Saga - The Forbidden

I just want to say a really big thank you to the team. I have just published my first novella and, as you can imagine, was really nervous of putting my work out to an editor for the first time. The team has made the whole experience an excellent one. The editor put forth a really thorough manuscript assessment making fantastic points on what to watch for and what to improve and I really feel my book is now all the stronger for his guidance. It has been published for only four days and has already received 5 star reviews. Special thanks to Keirsten who has been encouraging and endlessly supportive. I will definitely be submitting the rest of my series to the Writing Literary Consultancy.

L.E. Holmes, The Ancestors Saga Book 1: The Forbidden - Indie Author

Russell Meagher - One Great Thing

"I hadn't originally intended using a professional editor as, after numerous re-writes and the assistance of a number of literate friends, I felt that the manuscript had been exhaustively edited and there was really no need. However, as the day approached to sign off the final manuscript, I had a niggling worry that no one who had helped me was a professional, however bright and conscientious they were. In the end, purely for peace of mind, I engaged writing.co.uk to do a final copy-edit. When I saw the results I was very glad I did. Aside from ironing out some infelicities of sentence construction and inconsistencies in punctuation, the editor spotted a few absolute howlers that had been missed multiple times by multiple eyes. The result was a manuscript in which I could be confident and this was where the real value was for me. Highly recommended."


Every author needs to have their work edited by a professional. Writing Literary Consultancy teamed me up with an excellent editor who did an amazing job. She gave me feedback, support and guidance throughout the writing process. Without that help my manuscript wouldn't have been up to the standard now demanded by agents and publishers.

Willow and the Crown of thoughts


I truly appreciate all the effort Antonia has put in and the guidance she has bestowed. I totally get and agree with Antonia’s assessment and, more than anything, with her fresh eyes I now have a clearer perspective of the manuscript and storyline as it stands now and how it needs to change... it’s so good to see it through other’s eyes.

I have already begun a plan in which to work on the points raised to improve the manuscript.

C Carney, Willow and the Crown of Thoughts - Indie Author

Tim Malpass Cherry Licks

I’ve been using this service for about five years now. They have always arranged for me to work with the same editor in order to sustain the levels of continuity and understanding I required. I can’t express enough how much this process has helped me grow and develop as a writer. You could spend thousands on academic courses and not learn half as much about writing and the English language as you would working with the professional editors provided here. Worth every penny!

Tim Malpass, Cherry Licks and the Fallen Gods Saga - Indie Author

Made of Glass - Kim Padgett-Clarke

I used the editing service for my novel Made Of Glass. The manuscript was returned within the stated time limit and the attention to detail on the suggested amendments was fantastic. The editor has helped me to produce a book that looks professional. I would certainly recommend them if you are looking for a quality service.

Liberty Realm - An Army of Good

I am ever in your debt. Your writing team have helped me to grow as a writer and I owe you all so much. Thank you! Special thanks to Lorna! I feel that we connected very well. I love that she gets my writing and I'm thrilled at how invested in my characters she became - I hope that they stay with her forever, as they will me.

K. D. Faerydae, The Liberty Realm Series - Indie Author

Phil Aitkens - Merry Hell Series

No piece of writing starts of life as a glittering gem, rather a grubby lump of coal squatting at the bottom of a deep dank mine. That’s where writing.co.uk comes in. I’ve been using their services for the past two years. I can safely say none of this would have been possible without the team at writing.co.uk. Under their guidance I have learnt so much and my writing is ever the better for it. You couldn’t wish for a nicer group of editors to help organise and structure your work. It’s not just about correcting your spelling or cutting away the deadwood. For both of my novels I took their advice, going for a manuscript appraisal long before going anywhere near a copy edit to correct the syntax. This helped me in so many ways. Directing my stories down roads I hadn’t even thought about.  Showing me what I was doing right and where I was going wrong, expanding the narrative far beyond that which I had first imagined. I really cannot recommend writing.co.uk highly enough - you won’t regret it.

Stuart Cornewall, Havoc - Indie Author

Darya Haitoglou Enrich Your Relationships

The LitCrit team did a great job editing my first book. High quality edit, with relevant points and very helpful for me as an author to finalise the book to be published. Definitely will work with them for my following books! You can trust you are in professional hands with Writing.co.uk. I really enjoyed working with them both from professionalism and support stand point. On time and great delivery of the editing work. My book is loved by so many people thanks to them.

Darya Haitoglou, Enrich Your Relationships - Indie Author

Crowning Deception

Had a knee-trembling experience last week when I received an offer from a publisher for Crowning Deception (previously entitled Crystal Crowns). Having submitted the first three chapters + synopsis on 25th May I was surprised to receive an email only five days later requesting the full typescript. On 16th June I received the letter saying they would 'very much like to publish' my work. Sweet words indeed. The advance payment is modest as is to be expected in the present state of the market but it does not detract from the pleasure of having achieved a long-held ambition.

I received permission from the editor at Writing to quote some of her remarks in my initial covering letter. This was the first occasion I had done so and they may well have caught the commissioning publisher's eye. I have completed two other factional novels which have also been assessed by Writing. I am hoping for similar success with these.

As you can imagine, I am very grateful to the writing.co.uk team and Lorna for all their work on my behalf.

Dr. Clifford Peacock, Crowning Deception - Robert Hale

Start a Home Based Business

I have just finished going through the proofread and edited version of my book. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the result. If I have learnt two things from this exercise it is that I will always get someone to edit any future books that I write and that your company will be my automatic first choice for such work. I will be happy to recommend your services to other writers for both service and value.

David Bromley, Start a Home Based Business Today - The Book Publishing Academy

Seducing Ingrid Bergman

This looks extremely helpful and professional. It will take a while to absorb all the suggestions, but at first glance they look just and accurate. Many thanks to the editor for her close reading and compelling analysis. Much appreciated. And I have recommended your services to my agent. It's exactly the kind of constructive criticism I need to refine the draft before submission.

Chris G., Seducing Ingrid Bergman - Penguin UK

A Blues for Shindig

I can't emphasise enough how invaluable the editorial help I received from Writing.co.uk was in the development of my novel. I would highly recommend them as one of the most thorough consultancies in the market.

Mo Foster, A Blues for Shindig - PaperBooks

Fat Tuesday

A year ago, after using many other literary consultancies, I sent my manuscript to Writing.co.uk - I've just signed a three-book deal and my debut novel came out in February. Writing.co.uk were the difference.

Gary Davison, Fat Tuesday - PaperBooks

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

I have now had my book "And Miles To Go Before I Sleep" 'A British Vet In Africa', published by Merlin Unwin. Many thanks for all your help and encouragement.

Hugh Cran, And Miles to Go Before I Sleep - Merlin Unwin

Lee Kerr - Chasing 30

Thanks for the return of my proof read manuscript. It looks to be very thorough and exactly what I was looking for. Please pass on my thanks to the editor for a great job and for the motivational comments at the start of the notes page. Comments like that are much appreciated and will no doubt help my confidence before I start sending my work to prospective agents. Once again, thank you.

The Square-Shaped Tear

As a first time writer, I was quite nervous and apprehensive about sending my work to be edited professionally. However, Writing Ltd provided a professional service that was both friendly and fast. The manuscript was edited in a user-friendly way that made it easy to go through and understand the changes made. It also provided me with valuable insight regarding technical aspects of writing. I highly recommend Writing Ltd to any writer needing editing services.

Talim Arab, The Square-Shaped Tear

The Wild Ranting of a Mad Woman

As a first time author I believed that the actual writing of the book would prove to be the most challenging part to getting my work 'out there' however this was not to be the case. Once I had completed my manuscript I was advised that it needed to be set out in a specific way and, in order to look professional, it required a copy edit. I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate to have contacted writing.co.uk who understood exactly how to present my manuscript to potential agents and/or publishers so that it not only looked professional but also read well.

Writing.co.uk took the time to explain the different services they offer in a manner that meant I not only understood what the end result would be, but also I did not feel patronised for my own ignorance. Costs were explained, and adhered to, ahead of the work being undertaken and I was able to see any changes that had been made. Even after I received my manuscript back and, due to my lack of computing skills, was unclear how to accept the changes made to my work an email sent to Writing Literary Consultants was responded to the same day outlining exactly how to do it. The work was completed ahead of schedule and, I might add, to a very high standard. My manuscript is now in the hands of publishers and should be ready to market in the next month. I am very grateful to the team for their help, assistance and guidance I received in achieving my goal

Rose Bush, The Wild Ranting of a Mad Woman - Indie Author

The Cruel Trade

I have a professional background in scientific and technical writing and after retiring decided to turn to fiction. I had worked in Africa in a district that had been ravaged by slave and ivory hunters for more than two centuries and I chose this as the subject of my first book. It took me three years to complete; family and friends loved the final draft and I boldly launched it on the literary world. To my dismay I received over twenty rejections from literary agents; others did not bother to reply, despite the inclusion of an acknowledgement card and SAE. Clearly I was doing something wrong . . . read more

Bearing in mind I'm a funeral director in the 'day job', I think it would be fair to say that in the five days since receiving my manuscript appraisal report I have probably passed through what's referred to as the seven stages of grief: 1) Shock & denial; 2) Pain & guilt; 3) Anger & bargaining; 4) Depression, reflection & loneliness; 5) The upward turn; 6) Reconstruction & working through....and finally, 7) Acceptance & hope!

All joking apart, I've found it a very positive and worthwhile experience and I certainly feel I've had value for money. One thing I would say to anyone else waiting for their appraisal is that for the slightly tongue-in-cheek reasons above, it genuinely does pay to read the report, put it down and reflect on it and then come back to it and read it again, because each time I've done that myself over the last five days I've found something new in what Dan has said. I do genuinely feel encouraged, inspired and left with a clear idea of the work I need to do.

from James Baker author of Counter-Mortem

Peter Baggott - Victus

I found the services of the writing team easy to use. Offering my book for assessment couldn't have been easier and what could be more perfect for the job, than to have a lecturer in history and creative writing do the assessment. The assessment was easy to follow and gave me some great ideas to expand and embellish the novel. If I can market the novel and proceed with the next two books then I will certainly be using the service again.

In my experience the editing has been extremely helpful. The editor focused on ways to reduce grammatical errors and on improving word choice, readability, clarity and any ambiguity or structural inconsistencies within the text. Reasons for changes are explained in a logical, objective, clear and succinct way. The author always retains control of the text; at the end of the day, the author can always choose which changes to accept or reject. The edits are designed to help remove any confusion the reader may have, and in my opinion definitely add value. I strongly recommend using the Writing Team.

Peter Ness, Dimensions - Indie Author

The feedback from the Writing Team on my manuscript was both sensitive and constructive. It covered all aspects, from characterisation, structure, use of language and editing. It even gave me some positive feedback which, as an inexperienced writer, is always welcome. My book, having undergone a make-over as a result, has now gone to press and I have even started my next book, which will definitely be subject to the same professional scrutiny when the time comes.

Tashika Cecchetti, Paddling in the Sunset - Indie Author

Steve Bartington - Essex Man Blues

I cannot recommend Writing Ltd enough for the aspiring writer. Not only do they have great knowledge and expertise in their field, but they also have something invaluable; they are into it, they care about their craft and take an interest. They gave me help and support long after their appraisal of my debut novel was completed. In an era where many work with at least one eye on the clock, this is refreshing.

Any author will surely experience a feeling they are flying blind – writing a novel is a shot in the dark after all. Sometimes, a small push in the right direction can help you see the wood for the trees and make all the difference.

My report was detailed and insightful and presented in an effective, easy to understand format. It was a great experience to have my work critiqued by a professional – after all; this is something a writer has to become accustomed to if they are to make that all-important step up to becoming published.

So yes, I cannot recommend these guys enough.

Steve Bartington, Essex Man Blues - Indie Author

Thank you for sending the appraisal report for my story, it is great and extremely helpful and informative. I am using it to improve the product and I hope to be able to get a second appraisal in the near future. It has certainly been a useful and necessary first step to get a feel for where I am with my writing. Please pass my thanks to the editor also.

from Ben Williams - Author of Tales From the Frontier

Thank you. You have no idea how pleased I was with the comments from the Editor/Literary Consultant that my writing was going really well. I just hope I can continue like this. No pressure.

from Lillian Kirkpatrick - Author of Corporate Butterfly

Thank you for your appraisal; this was exactly what I was after. I expected to have a lot of work to do on the book, and I needed to be pointed in the right direction by a professional. I am always up for a challenge so intend to work on the issues which have been highlighted. Attending a course or workshop is something I had previously considered so will take this forward given your suggestion.

from E Brewster - Author of True Justice

I should like to thank Lorna Read for her brilliant appraisal of my manuscript. It is invaluable to receive such excellent advice from an obvious professional. The appraisal itself is extremely thorough, with awesome tips and ideas. I now have a very clear direction on how to move forward with my book. Thanks again and I will recomend your company to everyone I know.

from Dean Davison - Author of Two Tone Island

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