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If you are a writer, and want to publish your book, it is really important that your manuscript is edited and proofread by a professional editor. The editing path you take depends upon whether you plan to self-publish or submit to a literary agent. However, we usually recommend that our authors start with a manuscript appraisal - it's important to get the story, structure and characters right before you begin the editing process.

Our team of professional editors are here to help you ensure that your book really stands out - an absolute necessity in this increasingly noisy publishing world.

We want to help you feel confident that you are sending your best work out into the world so that you can focus on enjoying this part of becoming a published author.

As one of the original literary consultancies in the market, we have been assessing manuscripts and providing editing services since 2002, so, our editors really know what to look for when it comes to helping you perfect your manuscript.

If you are unsure as to which service you need, please do contact us. We are more than happy to advise what would be the best next step for you and why. If we have recommended editing (either copy-editing or line editing), we can provide you with a sample of both types of edit for you to compare.

Take a look at a selection of the published books we have edited.


Perfect for you if you have completed your first or second draft and want an in-depth appraisal with detailed feedback on each component part of your novel. Also ideal if you have sent your work out to literary agents without success so far. This is like a developmental edit but in report format with additional manuscript annotations. We recommend this to all authors before going ahead with editing.

Line Editing

A much more in-depth version of the copy edit. The focus is on the way story is communicated to your reader, including pace, tension, atmosphere, word choice, natural sounding dialogue, lengthy or clunky sentence construction and use of exposition and appropriate literary devices. We recommend this if you are planning on self-publishing or submitting to literary agents.


Recommended for you if you have already had professional feedback on your work and are on your final draft. A copy edit is a technical edit that will cover punctuation, grammar, consistency, sentence structure and clarity. We recommend this if you are self-publishing. In most cases it isn't essential if you are submitting to literary agents.


A final proofread of your manuscript is essential if you are self-publishing and want to make sure that no typos have slipped through and that grammar and punctuation are correct. We only usually recommend this for authors who are self-publishing. In most cases it isn't essential if you are submitting to a literary agent.

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