Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in the report?

By clicking on each of the headings on the home page you will be taken to the relevant page detailing the specific service you are interested in. If you would like the editor to pay particular attention to a certain aspect of your writing for example, fluency of your writing, or believability of your dialogue, this can be arranged when you select your service and decide to go ahead with the service.

What format will the reports be in?

The format of each report is listed on the specific pages detailing what is covered in the service. You can opt to have the reports emailed over to you as well as posted and this option will be given to you when you select the service required and are ready to go ahead.

How much will it cost for a report?

You can either look at our fee page which will outline the services and the fees. You can obtain a free quote by uploading your work to the website.

How long do reports take?

This really depends on the service but we aim to have reports back with you within 3 weeks.

Can I get in touch with the editor once I have received my report back?

You can email us with any questions or queries on the report and we will pass these on to the editor free of charge.

Can I come back for a re-appraisal with the same editor?

You can use the same editor but we would recommend trying a new one as it helps to get a totally new perspective on your work to really make the most of the service.

Can I get a discount for a reappraisal?

You can get a discount for a reappraisal if you use the same editor.

How do I go ahead with a service?

You can use the service selector link button at the end of each service description page and this will take you to the service selection page where you can upload your work.