How To Prepare your Manuscript Book Submission Package for a Literary Agent

Correctly formatting and preparing your submission package is essential. Literary agents will usually specify guidelines on their website as to how to submit your manuscript. The guidelines will usually include manuscript layout and submission guidelines - study these carefully.

Format Your Manuscript

Professional presentation matters more than ever these days. To be in with the best chance of having one's manuscript considered, it is vital that it should be laid out in an acceptable format. Take a look at the tips below to see if your manuscript follows these:

  • New chapters must begin on a new page
  • Large, bold chapter headings centred on the page
  • Text should be double-line-spaced, unjustified (ranged left) and 12 point in a standard font
  • All paragraphs should be indented EXCEPT for the first line of new chapters or after a section break - use Tab key to indent
  • No additional gaps between paragraphs except to denote the start of a new section
  • At a section break, we would recommend inserting, for example *** so that if a section break falls at the foot of a page it is not overlooked
  • Page numbers should be included in the footer of each page
  • Author ID and Book Title in small print - e.g. 8pt caps in the header of each page
  • Leave a last a double gap between the chapter heading and the start of the text
  • The title page should include book title, genre, target age group (for children), word count, date of submission, author ID and contact details including phone number and email address