Do you want to write dialogue that captivates AND flows?


Transform your writing with our step-by-step guide to killer dialogue techniques. Make dialogue the most powerful part of your writing.

Does this sound familiar?

"My characters all sound the same and writing dialogue feels so forced."

Or perhaps this is you?

  • I struggle to get background information across to the reader in a realistic and natural sounding way
  • My characters sound wooden and unnatural
  • My characters all sound similar
  • Lengthy explanations usually end up in the dialogue
  • Info dumping and idiot speech feature heavily in my dialogue
  • I overuse adverbs to explain mood or set the tone
  • It isn't always clear who is speaking
  • I am using 'he said' 'she said' way too often
  • My dialogue is slowing the action and pace
  • My dialogue sounds like a Q&A session

You are not alone in experiencing this...

So, we have created an easy to follow guide that breaks down exactly what you need to do to perfect writing dialogue.

We detail how to tackle each of the biggest problems so that you can make steps to transforming your dialogue writing skills - without having to go through a full manuscript appraisal first. You can save that for when you think your manuscript is at its best and is ready for another pair of eyes!

This guide teaches you how to:

  • Master techniques to avoid info dumping and idiot speech
  • Make your characters sound natural
  • Use action to give your dialogue pace
  • Maximise dialogue tags
  • Create conflicts to help set the mood and forward momentum
  • Make your dialogue realistic and natural through the white space

All you need to know about writing dialogue in one essential guide: £4.49

how to write dialogue ebook

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