Line Editing, Content Editing or Substantive Editing

What is Line Editing?

A line edit can mean different things according to which editor you talk to. In our case - a line edit is a much more in-depth version of the copy-edit. The focus is less about the inaccuracies of the actual writing (although the basic elements of the copy-edit are covered) and more about the way story is communicated to your reader. That will include looking at pace, tension, atmosphere, word choice, natural sounding dialogue, lengthy or clunky sentence construction and use of exposition and appropriate literary devices.

What Will the Editor Do in a Line Edit?

The editor will go through the manuscript line by line, marking up edits to make the writing sound more fluent, the pace more fitting to the scene and in some cases may rewrite small amounts to illustrate where there are issues.

Is line editing the right choice for you?

Are you looking to vastly improve your writing?

A line edit is incredibly useful as you will see every change the editor makes and will begin to notice a pattern forming in areas you may need to work on in your writing. It means you have the theory as to what needs changing and the examples of exactly how to change it. This is something you can use in all future writing projects - it will really help to strengthen your writing.

Are you planning on self-publishing?

A line edit is fantastic for writers who are planning on self-publishing. We would highly recommend this service to make sure you are sending your work out into the world at its best. If you would prefer an overarching report rather than a line edit, then we would highly recommend a manuscript appraisal. This is the place most of our authors begin to ensure they have done as much as they can to getting their book up to scratch before going through the editing process.

Are you a US author looking for validation of UK language, style and setting?

If you are a US author or an author from another country and you are looking to check that your characters are using the right phrases, slang and mannerisms, or that locations and procedures are correct, then a copy-edit is ideal for you.

Is your first language not English?

A line edit also really works for writers whose first language is not English as it means the editor will be able to give your writing the attention it needs - line by line, to make it more fluent.

What is my next step?

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You will then be sent an email with details on how to go ahead with the work and how to send your manuscript through to the team. One of the team will then be in touch with more details.

Prices for the line edit are based upon word count and start at £300 for up to 25,000 words up to around £1440 for 120,000 words.

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Line editing usually takes a minimum of 3-4 weeks and can be up to six weeks during busy periods.