Get Professional Feedback on Your Writing With a Manuscript Appraisal

What is a Manuscript Appraisal?

A manuscript appraisal is similar to a developmental edit in that it is a detailed analysis of your novel but in report format with an accompanying annotated version of your manuscript. This includes looking at the structure of your novel, the plot, narrative, characterisation, dialogue, handling of exposition, writing style, tension, pace and forward momentum.

The manuscript appraisal report will provide you with professional feedback on all of the above aspects of your novel, advice on how to rectify any issues, and clear next steps. It will also give you an idea, from an in-the-industry professional, of the potential of your book and how much work needs to be done to get it to where you want it to be.

In addition to the report, the editor will also take a look at any areas you have specified - for example, if there is something you have been struggling with or have questions about. The report will be accompanied by an annotated copy of your manuscript with comments from the editor and references from the report on specific examples of your work.

The manuscript appraisal report covers:

  • The strength and impact of your opening chapters, the subsequent plot development and the conclusion
  • Key dramatic incidents including pace and dramatic climax
  • Action, tension and credibility and the forward momentum of the plot
  • Atmosphere and scene setting
  • Writing style including fluency, strength and tone of voice
  • Progression of narrative and narrative viewpoints
  • Grammar and punctuation*
  • Handling of exposition and character backstory
  • Characterisation and dialogue
  • Conclusion, marketability and clear next steps
*Please note that grammar and punctuation won't be corrected with this service, however, if there are mistakes that are consistently being made, the editor may mark-up the first few pages to show you how to correct these errors.

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Who provides the manuscript appraisals?

Manuscript appraisals are from our professional editors. All of our editors are experienced creative writing tutors, literary agents, published authors or other publishing industry professionals and have a wealth of experience when it comes to picking up on potential problems and strengths with your manuscript.

Is a manuscript appraisal right for you?

If you have just finished writing your novel or are still in draft stage, this is the perfect time to have an appraisal of your manuscript. The report will provide you with some clear guidelines for the next draft of your manuscript and some clear next steps on exactly how to make the edits you need to make.

A manuscript appraisal will pinpoint why your manuscript may have been rejected and where you need to put in the extra work to bring it up to the standard a literary agent needs to see. The appraisal will give you clear next steps as to how to address these issues meaning that you can submit your manuscript confidently next time around.

Check whether you are on the right track with your manuscript and send in your first three chapters (or first 30,000 words) along with a synopsis and our editors will provide you with detailed feedback as to how your novel is progressing. This appraisal follows the same format as the full manuscript appraisal but focuses only on those first three chapters. This is ideal if you just want to gauge whether you are on the right track.

What is my next step?

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You will then be sent an email with details on how to go ahead with the work and how to send your manuscript through to the team. One of the team will then be in touch with more details.

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Once we have received your manuscript it will typically take our editors three to four weeks to read your manuscript and produce your manuscript assessment report.

If you do submit an exceptional manuscript with a unique angle we may use our contacts at literary agents or publishers to put your work in front of the right people, however, we don't guarantee this.