Non-Fiction Manuscript Assessments

Our appraisal of each non-fiction manuscript follows a slightly different format. A specialist technical writing editor may be used, depending upon the nature of the non-fiction manuscript. If necessary we will also engage a consultant on the subject area.

Non-Fiction Report

Assessment of non-fiction writing will cover all aspects of your manuscript including:

  • Delivery and relevance of content

  • Presentation of facts

  • Inclusion of diagrams and illustrations

  • An examination of the intended market

  • Advice on relevant publications in the existing and relevant non-fiction market

  • Where your manuscript stands within this specific non-fiction writing market

As with the fiction assessments, these reports will come back to you accompanied by an annotated copy of your manuscript with examples from the report. You can choose to have this emailed to you electronically or sent to you through the post.

Non-Fiction Manuscript Fees

We make a standard charge for fiction manuscripts based upon the number of words.

First 30,000 words: £150.00
per additional 1000 words

Use our free instant fee quote service below to be emailed an exact cost quote.

Non-Fiction Manuscript Process

If you are ready to go ahead with your non-fiction manuscript assessment please fill out the information below so that we can provided you with an instant free exact quote via email. Included in the email are full instructions for submitting your manuscript to us, should you wish to.

There is no obligation to continue the process, if you are still writing your manuscript then simply hang onto the email and when you are ready to have it assessed you can click the link in the email and submit your manuscript to us electronically.

Reports usually take 3-4 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not submit your manuscript to literary agents or publishers. If you do submit an exceptional manuscript with a unique angle we may use our contacts at literary agents or publishers to put your work in front of the right people, however this is such a rare occurrence that has only happened a handful of times in our long history.