Master Your Non-Fiction Book Plan

Move Your Book Idea from Concept to Fully Fleshed-Out Plan in less than a Weekend.

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Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • I know a book will be valuable to my business, but, I have no idea where to start
  • I don't know if my book idea is in demand
  • I don't know how to position my book
  • I am not sure what format this book would be best produced in
  • Writing a book is a distant dream because it is such a huge task
  • I have started writing my book but am stuck and don't know how to finish writing it

If this is you, or any of these sound familiar, then this course is ideal for you. This course will answer all of your questions, it will make the whole process much more accessible and much more efficient. And, you will end up with exactly what you need to just get writing.

What if we told you writing a book was an easily obtainable goal?

What if we also told you that writing a book would help you to propel your business forward in many ways:

  • Generate countless warm leads for your business
  • Establish yourself as a leader in your field
  • Build your credibility as the go-to person in your industry
  • Secure you speaking gigs
  • Open up guest posting, blogging, podcasting and interview opportunities
  • Earn you a passive income for your business

Not only that but what if we told you that by taking this course, your book will be targeted to the exact right audience, it will be a book you know is in demand AND it will be one that achieves your personal objectives and those of your reader.

Save time, money and heartache by getting it right the first time around with the book planning method that we show you in this course.

6 Modules take you from blank page through to fully fleshed out plan in a weekend.

Take a sneak peek at the full course syllabus:
Module Lessons Length of Video
Welcome Video 13:29
Module One: Is There a Book In You? Introduction 2:34
Lesson 1: Essential Tips Before You Begin 8:51
Lesson 2: Do You Have Something to Say? 12:53
Module Two: Idea Validation Introduction 2:17
Lesson 1: Identify Your Promise and Your Ideal Reader 8:58
Lesson 2: Assessing Competition and Audience Demand 25:35
Module Three: Creating a Bestselling Formula Introduction 1:31
Lesson 1: Aligning Your Promise and Delivering On It 10:39
Lesson 2: Stand Out From the Crowd 12:56
Module Four: Planning For Success Introduction 1:21
Lesson 1: Your Working Title 4:19
Lesson 2: Framework and Themes 21:59
Lesson 3: Fleshing Out and Filling in the Blanks 9:03
Module Five: BONUS! Editing Tips Introduction 1:19
Lesson 1: Bonus Editing Tips 11:16
Module Six: Productivity Techniques for Writers Introduction 0:54
Lesson 1: Productivity Techniques for Writers 14:18
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"I’ve been using this service for about five years now. They have always arranged for me to work with the same editor in order to sustain the levels of continuity and understanding I required. I can’t express enough how much this process has helped me grow and develop as a writer. You could spend thousands on academic courses and not learn half as much about writing and the English language as you would working with the professional editors provided here. Worth every penny!"

by Tim Malpass - Author of Cherry Licks and the Fallen Gods Saga

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