Plan Your Non-Fiction Book For Success


Set yourself up for success with our expert-led non-fiction Book Planning Intensive.

Our Book Planning Intensive will help you to validate, plan and position your book idea, ensuring you are hitting the right audience with the right material at the right stage of their journey.

You will go away with a clear plan and a roadmap for each stage of the planning and writing process and the mapped out structure of a book well-positioned for success.

Is this you?

  • I have lots of ideas and I know my subject area really well, but I have no idea where to start
  • I don't know how much information to include in my book
  • There is so much material to include that writing a book feels like a very big and daunting task
  • I don't know if what I am teaching in my book is too basic or too complex for my reader
  • I am not sure if anyone will want to read my book
  • I am not sure how to position myself as an expert in my field

If this is you, or any of these sound familiar, then you need to book yourself on to our Book Planning Intensive to get the clarity and structure you need around planning your book to make it a success.

Whilst the advice "Just sit and write" works for some people, it isn't the best approach to a clear, well-structured non-fiction book.

Here's what others have to say about these intensive sessions:

'Keirsten and her team enabled me to write my bestselling book in just 2 months!'

We planned it all out in 2 hardcore sessions so all I had to do was fill in the blanks. We came up with a 5 step system which structured the book and now forms part of my signature programme. The book went to a bestseller on the day of launch and the feedback has been amazing!

Before I came to Keirsten I had no idea where to begin and my previous attempts had been a disaster, I desperately needed help to nail down my ideas and put it into a cohesive order that was easily digestible and utterly interesting and valuable to read. And we produced just that, thanks to Keirsten's expert coaching and consulting I had a well laid out, structured and valuable asset for my business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can proudly say I am the author of the Best Selling Business Book 'Expert Unrivalled'.

Jen Hall author of Expert Unrivalled available on Amazon.

During the Book Planning Intensive you will:

  • Identify audience demand
  • Clarify your ideal reader
  • Understand the reader journey
  • Brainstorm and organise the structure of your book
  • Define a clear roadmap on how to flesh out your structure to the point of being able to fill in the blanks
  • Ensure that you minimise writing time and maximise planning time

Everything You Need to Know About Planning Your Non-Fiction Book

The Book Planning Intensive includes:

  • 15 minute discovery call
  • Discovery worksheets and bonus planning materials
  • Two x 2-hour skype/video call sessions
  • Customised roadmap for your book writing journey
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Read what others are saying about us:

"I’ve been using this service for about five years now. They have always arranged for me to work with the same editor in order to sustain the levels of continuity and understanding I required. I can’t express enough how much this process has helped me grow and develop as a writer. You could spend thousands on academic courses and not learn half as much about writing and the English language as you would working with the professional editors provided here. Worth every penny!"

by Tim Malpass - Author of Cherry Licks and the Fallen Gods Saga

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