Our proofreading services are ideal for those who have completed their manuscript, are happy with the plot and content but would like to add some final touches prior to submitting to literary agents or publishers. The following areas are covered as part of the proofreading service:

  • Spelling and punctuation

  • Consistency of grammatical usage

  • Correct use of paragraphs, speech marks

  • Standardise the appearance of extracts, quotations, verse

The proofreading service is also suitable for people wishing to self-publish but we would recommend opting for the more in-depth aspects which are provided with our copy editing service.

Please note that changes will be made electronically in Microsoft Word and using 'track changes'. You will be able to see each of the edits that have been made to your manuscript.

Proofreading Process

If you are ready to go ahead with the proofreading of your manuscript please complete the form below so that we can provided you with an exact quote. We will then instantly email you confirmation of the price of the proofreading along with full instructions as to how to continue (this is a no obligation quote).

Proofreading usually take 3-4 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Our proofreading services are for manuscripts and books only, we do not provide a website proofreading service.