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Master the Art of Show Don't Tell


Vastly improve your writing with our guide to everything you will ever need to know about the 'show don't tell' technique

Does this sound familiar?

"I have long chunks of narrative where I explain backstory or other important information to the reader."

Or perhaps this is you?

  • I summarise events that happen rather than describing them as they take place
  • I use character dialogue to get the reader up to speed with what is happening
  • I tend to explain the emotions of my characters to my readers

If any of these sound like something you do then it is likely that your writing is suffering from the 'telling' and not 'showing' phenomena. This is a big problem for many writers and results in a lack of tension in your writing, characters and events that the reader never engages with, a lack of atmosphere in your scenes and many more. Telling rather than showing is one of the most common problems for writers, and yet it is easily rectified when you know how.

Learn how to overcome these problems by mastering the art of 'Show Don't Tell'

Learn how to perfect this technique once, and it will have a long-lasting effect on your writing. You will notice your writing improving in all areas once you have got the hang of this technique, your readers will become more engaged, your story will breathe a life of its own and your characterisation will vastly improve.

This guide teaches you:

This e-book teaches you how to:

  • The three key steps to mastering the 'show don't tell' technique
  • How to vastly improve your writing by engaging with your reader
  • When it's ok to 'tell' rather than 'show'
  • How to spot when you are 'telling' but should be 'showing' in your own writing

All You Need to Know About Mastering 'Show Don't Tell' in one essential guide: £4.49

learn how to write show don't tell in fiction

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